Notice of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. (THI) Annual General Meeting

TAKE NOTICE that the annual meeting (the “Meeting”) of the holders of common shares of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. (the “Corporation”) will be held on Tuesday, June 27 at 12:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers (200 Broadway, Second Floor), for the following purposes:

a) Consideration and approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. of June 28, 2022; and
b) To receive the audited financial statements of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. for the year ended December 31, 2022, together with the report of the auditor thereon; and
c) To appoint an auditor of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. for the ensuing year; and
d) Election of the Directors of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. Board of Directors; and
e) To appoint Legal Counsel for Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. for the ensuing year; and
f) To consider such other matters as may properly come before the Meeting.

How to watch the meeting

You can watch the meeting online at

The meeting video will be available on the Town of Tillsonburg website following the meeting at the following link:

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